QoG Data Finder

Welcome to the Quality of Government Institute's Data Finder. Start by browsing by all categories, data sources, datasets and variables in the menu below or by introducing a key word.

How to use this tool

This page is the starting point of the Data Finder and it's divided into three main blocks:

The menu links in the top of the page. These will take you to see all of the information available regarding each button. For example, if you want to see all the categories available, you can click the categories button on top of the page.

The search and advanced search box. You can look for a particular term in the search box and/or click in advanced search to also look for countries and year availability by writing them down and pressing enter with your keyboard. The filtered information will be available in the cards right below (categories, data sources, datasets and variables).

The links to categories, data sources, datasets and variables at the bottom of the page. Click here to see all information about each or the filtered information after a search.

Currently, the Data Finder contains only information available in the QoG Compilations

22 Categories

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128 Data sources

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157 Datasets

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3375 Variables

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